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Leaders, ARISE!



Last week my friend Charli had a vision. When she shared it with me, I was reminded of a dream that I had several years ago. She had seen regular everyday women walking in to a ladies group. As they walked in she noticed that they were fully arrayed in battle gear, like seasoned warriors. They held their heads up high, their shoulders were back, they walked with authority and confidence. Though they were tired, they were not defeated, not weary. They set their armor, bows, shields and war implements aside so that they could gather around a round table, reminiscent of the knights of the round table. What she noticed most was that these women were confident in who they were in Messiah Yeshua. They were not trying to figure out who they were and where they belong. They are not surviving, but thriving in the knowledge of who God says they were and living each moment in that wisdom and knowledge. Their gifts, talents and callings were in full swing operation and they were fully aware of the call on their lives. No jealousy. No woundings. No frailty. Just a gathering of Warrior Women who love and serve their Creator and their fellow sisters.

Here is my dream that was reawakened in me after hearing Charli’s. Enjoy!

The Individuals in the dream were regular looking people on the outward appearance.They were waiting around- living life- but the difference was their ears were tuned in to the frequency of Heaven .

They shema.

SHEMA: hebrew term for hearing with your ears, but not only hearing, absorbing each word and allowing the words to become life within you, then walking out the words with every fibre of your being.

I saw a large game room. There was a crowd of people gathered there. They were chatting, laughing, some playing games. Everyone just living everyday life. Some sitting in chairs laughing and talking.

There were some there that I was unable to see their faces. They were obscured, hidden from sight. Not engaged with the others.

A "silent alarm" sounded and instantly, those I could see clearly stood at attention and the room became absolutely silent! No movements, no sounds. Just a room filled with regular people who were now in full-on warrior mode.

The atmosphere was electric.

From the outside- it appeared that there was deafening silence- but in reality, each warrior leader was being handed down Divine battle and Strategy assignments.

Meanwhile, Hosts of heaven were being assembled. Each regiment was being formed- awaiting their Captains to take the position. I saw thousands being brought together in perfectly formed rows. Each with eyes straight ahead, shoulders squared, fully armored, standing at attention, all their senses at full alert. Waiting. Silently.

Each of the people in this room were being assigned to lead a battlion that was already assembled now, and ready for them to take their position as their Leader.

Divine downloads are occuring. These regular looking people are captains of Hosts-they are Commanding Officers- they are SH-MA ASAH-ERS (those who shema- hear, and asah-ers are those who build/do/accomplish to the specifications given them.)

And they are receiving their orders to lead angelic hosts into battle over the earth.

I began interceding for those whose faces I could not see! They are the sons and daughters who are being held captive by their self focused lives. Their ears are not tuned to heavens frequency at this moment, but the cry is being sent out. The alarm is being sounded. Their ears are being tuned in- their minds renewed-their focuses sharpened. In the midst of what seems like regular life-they are being wooed back into intimate communion with the Bridegroom King!

Their focus is clearing.

Sounds of distraction falling away. Training and instruction is being accomplished rapidly..No one is behind. No one inadequate. His captains are battle ready.

The Training of the LORD is swift and accurate!

They are each taking their places before the Throne, ready, able and willing to move into place to see the will of heaven accomplished in the earth.

What does this dream mean to me? I believe that the Holy One is releasing upon His people the sound of His Voice, His instructions. Now is the time for us all to have ears that hear and eyes that see. It is no longer time to be self focused and distracted by the cares of this world. No longer are we to weep and cry over old wounds and lost dreams. We are to take our place and stand ready. We are to put on the full armor of God, and be clothed in His Garments of Righteousness. Leaving behind the things that so easily distract and divert us. We are to recognize from His Throne, who we are and what we are called to do. We are to stand strong with all the equipment that He has given us. Standing in Who He says we are. We may be tired but we are not defeated. And as we gather one with another, we are not to hang on to or in any way entertain old wounds and grudges.. We are to quickly forgive and quickly repent to one another so that we can be on task when the alarm sounds. We are to pull our shoulders back, look straight ahead, have clear eyes, hearts pure before Him, minds cleared of the clutter of this world and we are to live in this state! We are no longer weak. His call is upon His people. We are to gather and strengthen one another, we are to fellowship in love, and we are to be ready at any moment. The time is now. Those whose faces are obscured need us to speak life and freedom to them. We need to reach out to those who are in need. Who is in your circle that needs to draw from your strength? It’s time to level up. Arise. And bring the masses with you.

The word for today is: Appropriation

What if you only hear silence?

What if you only hear silence?