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Home again, Home again, Jiggity-Jog

Home again, Home again, Jiggity-Jog

Dec 2017

Here's a quick update on the current state of adventure we call our life.


We moved last month. We found an amazing 2 bedroom duplex that is just perfect for us (with TWO bathrooms) completely by chance. "Chance" meaning that a large troop of Angels were probably whistling and yelling and waving their arms at me and pointing to this house and basically redirecting traffic and putting up roadblocks so I would "happen" to notice this cute little place all tucked away in plain sight. A friend of mine from Maryland (who just happened to be in town on business) insisted on us driving around to look at places. She (with Angelic direction I am convinced!) pointed out this place and told me the minute we saw it- "this is the one". Always in need of further confirmation, the next day I dragged my friend Christie over to see the house and called the realtor number on the sign and BEGGED her to let us view the inside. Her next available appointment was after the weekend- but I begged- yes begged, and she drove right over for a quick viewing.

7 days later we spent our first night in our new place. My head is still spinning.

Huge shout-out to our moving crew: Tod Dexter, John Michael Bullock, Christie and Mike Scott.

You are life changers.

Have you noticed that overcoming impossible obstacles is not an uncommon occurrence when we are walking in relationship with the Creator of the Universe? Yeah... I have kinda noticed that too. 

Of course, moving into a larger place has brought about many changes and challenges. The biggest change has been that now I am able to get dressed and put on my makeup in a SEPARATE BATHROOM without the need to set boobie-traps to guarantee alone time to get ready. Mr. Jeff has had to step up his game and turbo charge his mad dressing & grooming-skills in order to beat me to the front door. I have caught him getting up at 4am to shave just so he has a competitive edge. My response? "Bring it, Mister!"

Did I mention we have TWO BATHROOMS?

The biggest challenge that has occurred in this crazy-whirl-wind-I-haven't-caught-my-breath-yet-and where-could-I-have-packed-the-can-opener- adventure is that we are in town, and close to everything. Having moved from living out in the country to being smack dab in the middle of Texarkana Commerce- well, it has brought it’s own kind of adjustments. Yesterday, I jumped in the van, popped in my headset and called my friend in Colorado to chat while driving to the store. By the time I connected to her I was already in the parking lot. Convenience is NOT all it's cracked up to be! I will seriously need to do some recalculations so that my "cherished alone girl time conversations" are not all done in Walmart parking lots. I know... the struggle is real.

Shake it off!

Tap into your genius.

Keep smiling. Be grateful. Remain focused. Stay on mission. "BE" a blessing and Be Face to Face.

What if you only hear silence?

What if you only hear silence?

A banqueting table

A banqueting table