Welcome! I’m glad you found me. Lets get acquainted.


I’m a Writer, a wife to Jeff, a mom to 4 amazing humans, Grandma to Hunter (and in Nov- Everett!). I also have a brilliant daughter-in-law, Maria and an exceptional son-in-law Jason. My family is amazing and I am honored to be part of these people’s lives.

My passion is to write, blog and share about my favorite topics: my family shenanigans, the Hebrew Alef Bet, meeting Messiah in the Torah, and pursuing the One who pursues me! I am a caregiver to my amazing hubby, (he is navigating through 2 debilitating diseases: Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. He tells everyone that he's an over achiever). I am learning from him how to live life moment by moment, in Joyfulness and Gratitude!

Jeff and I with our 4 children, Laura, Jason, Joseph and Jonathon. I know… They are beautiful!

My best friend threw me a surprise 60th party and wedding renewal- celebration. Jeff and I after 35 years of marriage, finally stood under the chuppah! What a celebration of life!!!